A tale of love, scandal, myth and high school

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SUE PERKINS: with a pipe
Rating: Teen (Because Paris and Helen are a touchy-feely kind of couple)
Notes: You should probably all note that I think Andromache is the coolest character in the universe. I don't pretend to be unbiased about this. Also, unfortunately honours has eaten my writing life so this has taken a ridiculously long amount of time.

I always wake up two hours before breakfast.Collapse )

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SUE PERKINS: with a pipe
Rating: Teen
Notes: First chapter of Empires. I finally got this baby on the road for my co-creator annemjw’s 21st Birthday. Happy Birthday, dear, and I hope you all enjoy.

First day of class. I see an eagle fly through the air, catch a swallow in its beak.Collapse )

CAST (will be added to as the series progresses)
SUE PERKINS: with a pipe

Zeus: Town mayor. Something of a playboy.
Hera: Zeus’s society wife. She has a phd in gender studies and now spends her days smiling nicely and scheming to make Zeus’s indiscretions pay
Aphrodite: School secretary. Inexplicably married to Hephaestus, the shop teacher. Enjoys matchmaking.
Poseidon: Swimming and equestrian coach. Knows a lot about earthquakes.
Athena: Head librarian. She is trying not to ride on her Dad, Mayor Zeus's, success. Watch out for over-due library books.
Artemis and Apollo: were the golden twins of Greek High the previous year. Now at U of E, Artemis on a sport's scholarship and Apollo studying medicine.
Hephaestus: The shop teacher. Bad tempered and limps.
Ares: Former army general, still hot. Involved in some pretty shady business deals with Agamemnon. Having an affair with Aphrodite.
Demeter: Owns the organic grocery store. Is a hardcore hippie vegetarian and thinks her daughter’s affair with Mr Hades is the worst thing in the world.
Hestia: Runs Mt Olympus, the local dive for all the high school kids to hang out by day and for the adults to turn to at night.
Hades: Teaches drama. Has a flair for tragedy.
Dionysus: Owns the liquor store. Still running despite selling under-aged kids booze.


Alexander (the Great): Head Boy. Prone to sulking.
Clytemnestra: Bitchy second-tier cheerleader. Totally jealous of her sister, Helen.
Lysistrata: Heads the women’s group. In love with Sappho.
Medea: Penelope’s crazy best friend. Has bad taste in men.
Odysseus: Star of the track and field team. Fancies himself quite the Jack Kerouac.
Orpheus: He is the golden boy but there is something sad about him ever since his girlfriend Eurydice died tragically in a car accident - he dedicates his performances to her and wrote a particularly moving song entitled 'Don't Look Back'.
Penelope: Head Girl. Faithful girlfriend of Odysseus, entirely blind to his many indiscretions.
Procris: Wants to be a sex therapist when she grows up.
Sappho: Accidentally outed herself the previous year. Madly in love with Helen. She writes poetry.


Pericles: School principal
Mr Herodotus: Classics teacher. Sexy.
Mr Thucydides: History teacher. Has insane feud with Herodotus.
Mr Plato: English teacher with a weakness for creative writing with snappy dialogue and has a total man crush on Mr Socrates
Ms (please note) Circe: Chemistry teacher. The boys are all totally in love with her. She keeps pigs.


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